Saturday, 18 June 2011


The Society of Success sponsored the first edition of the Library of Classification, Organisation & Standardisation of Subjects and Objects. We stay true to our leading theme In the future the system must be first (as formulated most appropiately by our hero Frederick W. Taylor) and are most proud to have participated in the creation of such an important enterprise.

Society of Success II: The People behind

Please give a warm applause to the Members of the Society of Success: High Potentials, Enablers, High Performers etc. - people with outstanding leadership qualities, super trustworthy certificates and a permanent passion-for-my-job overkill; in other words: prototypes of the future.

Friday, 17 June 2011

New Diamond Collection

Eine Bröschüre in großer Auflage. Derzeit noch erhältlich. Olé

Total Target -- Society of Success I

As we promised, here a bit more information about the New Society,
the Society of Success: The Society of Success is a qualified institute internationally renowned for its approval, appraisal and promotion of success. We deliver high-quality success consulting, canvassing and anlysis as well as success measurement. We pride ourselves with being the leading global institution in the field of success advancement and human optimisation. For the full report on the Society's misson and service please refer to our image brochure Total Target Success.